Friday, September 11

The Storm

Looking down,
Bright light flashing in the background,
Distant sounds breaking through the silence,
Dark skies surrounding every presence...

...looking up,
Brilliant glimmers of light catching my eyes,
Blasting thunder fascinating my ears,
Skies no longer dull but embellished with ravishing colours.

Maybe the storm we're facing is making everything seem dull, maybe we don't want to see the little messages it's trying to point out to us... but maybe, just maybe, what if they could be of meaning to us? Whatever the scary storm is, whether it's exams, fear, situations of abandonment or suffering... we could decide to keep our heads down, scared of looking up at the sight and trying to deal with it.. but what if we could pluck just some courage and look up?

You might ask, is there a ray of light? a ray of hope? yes, there is light, but not the way we expected it to be, it isn't gleaming out of blue skies, but it's surely light and bright.

Maybe we expected different sounds (maybe help from people we've wanted to get, but did not receive because of one thing or another) but these are surely sounds which might not be frightening, maybe we can enjoy their power, aknowledging them as sounds and knowing we are not deaf...

Maybe we expected something to turn out in a different way, but we were mistaken.. we might have expected resplendant skies, but what if the dark skies had something to give us? they might not be that dark, if we look closely we can see colours, deep shades of blue and red which shine through the white flashes of lightning. but this can only be perceived if we could just decide to risk, face our fears, and lift our heads... are you with me?

You might ask, and what do i get if i look up? Would you like to see the outcome? Have a look:


Sorawit Songsataya said...

Nice photos! Thanx for your comment from ages ago. I just saw it today! i haven't checked my blog for years! Gonna get back into it soon :)))

Bettina said...

marr!! xD i think you should just reading through a few of your older ones..der beautiful! :)

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